Why Your Skin Needs Moisturizer Year-Round


Prevention+ daily hydrating moisturizerThe warmer temps are rolling in and we’re counting down the days until it’s officially summer! Summer means beach vacations, weekend trips, sporting our favorite sundresses, wearing lighter makeup and getting a little color on our pale winter skin. (Safely of course!) 

To many of us, summer also means oily skin + hair, extra sweating and potential breakouts. Many women make the mistake of skipping their daily moisturizer during the warmer months because they are afraid it’s making their already oily skin worse. What they don’t know is, using the right moisturizer can actually help control the oil and reduce shine.

Stop Oil In Its Tracks

Contrary to what you may think, your skin reacts to lack of moisture by over-producing oil. When you don’t nourish your skin with what it needs, it will make up for it in other ways. Makes sense, right? Prevent this by using a morning and evening moisturizer every day.

Repair Your Skin While You Sleep

The best time to heal your skin from extra sun exposure and higher temps is at night. Since you won’t be applying makeup, moving around and producing sweat when you sleep, it’s the perfect time to use a night cream on your face + neck. We recommend an ultra-hydrating repair crème with antioxidants that work to improve the health of your skin while you sleep.

Protect + Moisturize All Day Long

We know you all use a day time SPF year-round, but did you know it’s just as important to moisturize your skin? An SPF alone won’t do the trick. The best option for those of you, who want to be able to apply one product and go, is a 2-in-1 SPF + moisturizer like our Prevention+ daily hydrating moisturizer SPF 30. This is the perfect long-lasting deep moisturizer that goes on light and feels weightless on your skin minutes after application.

Don’t let your skin suffer this summer because you think you don’t need moisturizer, or because you don’t want any more oil than your skin is already producing. Moisturizer, just like SPF, is a necessity all year long. Your skin will be nourished, happy and less greasy as a result of using it!

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